Top 15 Best and Popular bbPress Plugins for WordPress to boost your website 2016


Today, for the management and website development become easier, the developers have developed and diversified plugins. They became very handy, when the installation’s complete, the user can use this right away. Especially those who designed website on WordPress platform, the source plugins are abundant and familiar interface to users. One of the strongest support plugins for website design on WordPress platform is bbPress Plugins .

However, there are so many bbPress plugins, so it is difficult to select the appropriate and necessary plugins. You haven’t have enough time to try each one of them.

Let’s see our the suggestions below. Here are the top 15 best plugins for WordPress and bbPress Popular Boost your website to 2016.

WP User Avatar


An avatar is a representative imagine of your WordPress site, it’s like a trademark to discriminate your and another. But WordPress currently only allows you to use avatars uploaded through plugins Gravatar. Creating an avatar by Gravatar plugin need to do very complex step, and it make you frustrated.

WP User Avatar will be a better alternative for you. You can use any image from your WordPress Media Library as a custom user avatar. It also means that you will use exactly the same library and uploader like you do with your posts. With this plugin, you won’t need extra folders or any editing functions for your image. Beside, you can add a standalone avatar to your font page. This plugins also allows your contributors and subscribers to upload their own images. Creating an avatar to your site now has become simpler and more convenient.




myCRED is a plugin for evaluating the contribution of the users in your WordPress site. This plugin allows you to build reward systems automatically or rewards for contributing content or post comments. Bonus points can be adjusted at any time, and plugins also offer a variety of different bonuses depending on your needs.
Also, myCRED supports a number of other popular wordpress plugins. But it will increase the complexity of managing the web of admin. To avoid this, myCRED only show the features/settings was switched on by a third party.

Buddy-bbPress Support Topic



This plugin helps you manage the thread support, or support requirements. These requirements will be author markup support. Only the admin can change the status of the topic support: solved, not solved, resolved.

User Pro

4.user pro

If your blog or website using WordPress is aiming to registered users, creating a community of unlimited sharing and want to build a separate page for each member, then this plugin is the good choice. Of course if you just want to create a registration form or a post form, you are not required to use this.

Designed for a full-featured members, UserPro plugin helps you create beautiful pages for author profiles, the login and register form. It will automatically generate the respective page to support users in the registration, create feature followed (just like twitter), reset passwords, update information,… Furthermore, users can connect their page to their social network account, use the web cam to capture their profile picture. This plugin is exactly what you need to increase the community for your WordPress site.

Spam Proctection by Cleantalk



As a webmater, you surely know what spam is, how it affects to the quality of content on the website and WordPress. Spam will cause visceral reaction to users. Website that goes much spam will be fined and gradually lost google top search results and very unpredictable consequences.

Spam Protection by Cleantalk is a plugin that protect your website from stupid point less annoying messages that came from comments, registrations, contact emails, orders, bookings,… This plugin also compatible with some WordPress cache plugins like WP Fastest Cache, Hyper Cache, WP Super cache and any other cache plugins. It also provide private black list for anti-spam sevice, black list for spam firewall. By using anti-spam tests to filter spam, it will advoid false/postive a real website vistior.

bbPress Thanks Plugin


As one of the plugin was inspired from vBulletin Thank extention, this plugin creates a thank button in the new post or new content, just by pressing this button the hidden contents is displayed. Administrators and moderators always see this content.

Other forum users will also see the topic posts or leave feedback. Hidden content will not show up in the topic or response. Instead, he or she will see receive a notification that there is hidden content and must press Thank to display.

Smart bbPress nVerify



This plugin is used for all authors who sell their products on Envato Marketplaces and use WordPress with bbPress plugin to provide support for customers. Using Smart bbPress nVerify, you can set up forums protection so that users are required to enter valid purchase code for your Envato products. You can assign one or more products to individual bbPress forums.

Content Aware Sidebars



As a plugin to manage, Content Aware sidebars have a similar approach, but it allows you more control to where the widgetized area will be displayed. This plugin creates a new section in the WordPress Dashboard – where you can create new sidebars. For each of the sidebar, you can determine exactly where you want it to appear. You can adding the content for each group a sidebar, which shows where the content will be displayed. They may include a number of categories, the types of articles, all kinds of storage and even single articles or pages.

It allows you to create an unlimited number of sidebars for any supported widget area and then assign them to pages, specific article. In a nutshell, it will basically create a “virtual” widget area replaces the  “real” widget area to the page you specify.

Private Groups



With this plugin you can classify your users into different groups, in different forums. The forum can be public or private. Group name and description of the group are visible, but when access to the group, only the members do, and others will be redirected to the login page.

Private Replies


True to its name, this plugin is designed for the poster marked their reply are private. Therefore, only the poster and forum moderators can view the contents of that reply. And users can also share their passwords, personal information, etc. in private.

bbPress – Report Content


This plugin enable users to report inappropriate content, or spam in the subject or comment. Reported content will be attached a link to announce that this article has been “user reported”. All users who have logged in can report content/spam and see the topic being reported. But only the moderator can unreport the content. This is a useful tool for users to remove inappropriate topic/spam.

bbPress Topic Count



bbPress Topic count is a plugin designed to display the total count of articles, posts or replies or any other class under the name of the author. It will indicate an author active or inactive.

bbPress Live Topic Suggestions



When a member create a post or comment on a topic, this plugin will suggest them to continue the  existed topic. The recommendation will appear when they’re typing the title of the topic. This will make the thread more lively section and connect the comments and replies directly.

Rating Widget


Rating Widget is a plugin support you creating voted topics. With this plugin it will help readers vote for articles in the different levels from 1 star to 5 star equivalent as much star quality and not quality, if less so. With external plugin, your website will have a voted effect. It also provide author interactive review so they will write better articles next time.

Moreover, this plugin used to evaluate the comments on articles. It basically similar to gadgets google +,  facebook, twitter, but the interface looks better. In addition, this plugin also views the statistics in your posts and especially easy to customize.

GD bbPress Tools



GD bbPress Tools gives you a number of implements and tools to your bbPress website. With this plugin, a user can create and change his signature or a quote, a reply or a topic.

The plugin supports BBcodes, and allows a user to quote a reply or topic. It integrates with the toolbar menu and allows additional custom views. It also limit bbPress admin side access and provide basic topics search results view.


Alex Freeman is a web designer and web developer from Austria. He has experienced in web designing for 1 years. He likes to share some tips for developing the website using wordpress platform.

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