Top 15 Most Popular Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress 2016

Communication is no doubt an essential key towards maintaining a fluid flow of support, feedback, sales, opportunities and so many other aspects that communication brings to our attention. Even though trusted by hundreds of millions of businesses and bloggers all around the world, WordPress sadly  does not offer a direct communication technique. Hence, users have to reside on the public plugin repository to find the kind of contact form plugin solution that best suits their needs.

It’s a way for like-minded individuals to connect and communicate with each other, and lacking a contact page on your website can mean a huge loss in contacts and business if appropriate. Then there is the professional appearance aspect, you want to ensure that your customers can reach out to you whenever they have a question, scouting for personal emails on the web was never a fun process, and either way is very unprofessional.

Contact form is very convenient for those users who leads a blog posts on website. When someone visits your site, you want to know more about them. What pages they’ve visited, when they return, and what social networks they’re on. Addition of subscribe form in the page or in the widget will attract the readers to subscribe and follow you. With the subscribe form you can increase the interest of the audience on your blogs. Subscribers contact forms will be listed in the subscribers list, which you may easily manage on the newsletter manager section of forms plugin. Contact forms themselves can be used to inspire a call to action, such as send message.

While most WordPress templates either have built-in contact forms, or can be easily tweaked to include them using widgets, it’s often better to create your own contact form with a WordPress plugin. A good contact form gives your small business website a professional appearance, and helps you simplify managing your online communication.

We have meticulously picked out few of the best contact form plugins that are stylish, easy to use, allow custom modifications, are equipped with security and spam protection features.

Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms. You can also customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. This plugin is widely trusted by many WordPress theme developers for its simplicity and functions. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Contact Form Generator


Contact Form Generator is a powerful contact form builder for creating contact forms, application forms, reservation forms, survey forms, contact data pages and much more. Contact Form Generator is extremely easy to install and configure so you can get ready-to-use forms just after installation. You can use shortcode to insert forms anywhere in content. The following field types are avaliable: name, email, phone, address, url, number, textarea, select, multiple select, checkbox and radio. You can also use one of existing templates, or create your own. Each text in form can be easily configured from form options.

Contact Form


WordPress Contact Form Maker is a simple contact form builder, which allows the user to create and edit different type of contact forms while no coding knowledge is required. If want to build complicated contact forms with various field types like date, time, single choice, multiple choice, and so on, WordPress Form Builder is the perfect choice. The number of fields for the Contact Form Maker is unlimited and having large amount of fields will not cause any malfunctioning of the contact form. You can add different types of contact form fields, including inputs, Captcha, custom and standard buttons, as well as Map field. WordPress Contact Form Maker uses simple and easy to manage backend interface, thus the users which are not able to make code-level changes, will be able to make customization and changes using parameters. The product has cross-browser compatibility, which allows using the Contact form for with any browser.

NM Contact Forms


NM contact forms allow you simple contact form integration with two built-in anti-spam solutions. This contact form plugin is completely free for lifetime and has no sign of future premium version. However it is just as powerful and convenient as any other premium plugins. Drag and drop interface that allows to define contact form fields order.
The plugin allows to toggle on/off default styling. It also includes option to remove donation bar

Contact Bank


Contact Bank is an ultimate WordPress Plugin loaded with over 200 features in the premium version and designed to create simple but powerful contact forms easily and hassle free within few seconds. It has been designed to provide easiness and simplicity to the end user. Contact Bank provides you with powerful control panel and shortcode manager make getting started super easy.

Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form


Discover Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form developed for WordPress. It contains many awesome visual effects you can use in your contact form such as smooth slide in effect, impressive lightbox appear effects or on-site display with possible accordation effect. Contact Form starting from handy upload, trough excellent spam protection, to unlimited number of forms and fields you can use to build your contact form. The plugin is very convenient because there are ready-made responsive layouts you can easily adjust to your needs. It has spam protection without annoying captcha input.

Contact Form Clean and Simple


This is a straightforward contact form for your WordPress site. Simply install, activate, and then place the short code on your web page. A clean and simple AJAX contact form with Google reCAPTCHA, Twitter Bootstrap markup and Akismet spam filtering. Although for this to work you must have the Akismet Plugin installed and activated. AJAX enabled validation and submission for immediate response and guidance for your users. All incoming data is scanned for spam with Akismet. All user inputs are stripped in order to avoid cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Use the included stylesheet or switch it off and use your own for seamless integration with your website.

Form Builder


Contact Form Builder is an intuitive tool for quickly arranging a contact form for your clients and visitors. The form includes all of the form field types necessary to create a complete contact form, where is those can be activated and deactivated, as well as rearranged. Each form comes with a shortcode displayed in Manager Section for easier copying/pasting it in the post or page, where you want to display. The responsiveness of the product allows you to become available for contacting using various gadgets. For example, the form has an integrating Google Maps feature allowing you to display the location of your office using Google Maps. Using the CSS files of the themes you can achieve the best design of the contact form, applying changes in colors, dimensions and other features. For security, you can turn on reCAPTCHA to avoid your form being abused by bots. For the specific IPs it is also possible to use blocking IPs feature.

Huge -IT Forms


Huge -IT Forms let you keep in touch with your visitors, partners and customers, give an easy filling form for submissions, delivery form or other types of forms. It gives you a plenty boxes for every kind of information that form field should have while each box is customizable. Huge -IT Forms gives you a choice among 5 pre-designed themes. From the plugin admin interface create your form and watch the changes of your form on live preview. It also posseses the ability to send files of various formats through your form created with our Forms plugin. Beside simple contact form, Huge -IT Forms allows you create other form types like resume form , subscribe form, delivery forms, reservation forms, goods order forms and others types.

Contact Forms & Website Analytics by Leadin


Leadin is an easy-to-use contact form and marketing analytics plugin for your website that helps you get a good look at your website visitors. Leadin is an easy-to-use marketing automation and lead tracking plugin for WordPress that helps you better understand your web site visitors. Leadin automatically finds publicly available information about each of your contacts. Details such as location, work history, and company info can give you more context when you reach out. The popup also uses the contact data to intelligently know when to appear to best gather information about your customers. Leadin keep your contacts in sync with your email tool.

Contact Coldform


Contact Coldform is a secure, lightweight, flexible contact form with plenty of options. Coldform blocks spam while making it easy for your visitors to contact you from your WordPress-powered website. The comprehensive settings page makes it easy to take full control with plenty of options and several built-in themes for styling the form. Coldform includes challenge question/answer Captcha for preotection agaisnt spams. There are hidden input fields to further reduce automated spam. Combine with the power of Firewall, the plugin secures form processing protects against bad bots and malicious input.

HTML Contact Form


HTML Contact Form is absolutely easy to customise contact form. Just add HTML code to HTML Contact Form settings. This means that adding CSS styling is also a piece of cake. It includes autocomplete text editor for smoother process.

Dropifi Contact Form Widget


Dropifi is a spam-free contact form that delivers extensive visitor engagement insight.  The contact widget takes less than 2 minutes to install, and allows your customers to reach out to you from any page of your website. The profiles that gathered from your contact forms are included with useful info such as names, demographic and location information, public activity on social media, and much more. Dropifi’s collaborative inbox is designed to help you support as many customers in as little time as possible. Customer requests are automatically organized into smart categories and you can see which members of your team followed up with a specific customer. The plugin also collects positive comments on your website from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks and display them on your website.

Proper Contact Form


Proper Contact Form helps you create a flexible, secure contact form on your WP site that saves contact emails. A well-coded, secure, and flexible WordPress plugin that makes creating a contact form very simple. Users have the option to choose the fields that appear. You can also create an auto-respond email. All the submitted contacts are stored in the database.

Quick Contact Form


Quick Contact Form really lives up to its name as it acts as a simple drag and drop contact form. There is nothing to bother you about because all you have to do is set up your email address and add the shortcode to your pages. Drag and drop fields with easy to edit labels and captions. The plugin imcludes massive range of built in styles with custom CSS support.

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