Top 10 Best Content Protection Plugins for WordPress 2016

The unfortunate truth of using the Internet to showcase our work is that there are a certain group of people that constantly rip off our content, claim it as their own and give us no attribution for our hard work. Those blatant theft are individuals who scrape RSS feeds from your website for good content and then publish it without attribution and publish it on their own properties. You can be bothered by content thieves who steal your content as soon as your work gets published. You are probably too tired of sending emails to content copiers to remove your content or to give proper credit to you already. That’s when you know you are in dire need for content protection.

For your information, websites that protect their content have become much more popular in the recent years. This not only helps to weed out low quality users but also unite together people who truly share the same ideas and insights about the particular field you are consuming content for. With proper protection, communities becomes more exclusive, and in many ways protecting against plagiarism and spammers.

Content protection solution that WordPress offers are in the plenty. There are membership type plugins that help to build a bridge between registered user content, and content for those who haven’t registered. On the other hand, there are simple protection plugins that allow you to restrict content for visitors unless they complete an action such as liking your Facebook page, or sharing your site on social media and such. Even better, some plugins even offer the ability to lock content for a certain amount of time.

We’ve compiled a list of best WordPress content protection plugins which can save your content from being stolen without attribution for the benefit of others.

Simple Membership


Simple membership plugin adds membership functionality to your site to protect members only content using content protection easily. The idea behind it is simple, membership plugin lets you protect your posts and pages so only your members can view the protected content. You can set up unlimited membership levels and protect your posts and pages using the membership levels you create. When you are editing a post or page in the WordPress editor, you can select to protect that post or page for your members. Non-members viewing a protected page will be prompted to login or become a member. You can easily add a member login widget on the sidebar of your site by use the login form shortcode in the sidebar widget. You can also customize the member login widget by creating a custom template file in your theme folder.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin


Ultimate Membership Pro allows you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your users based on simple free packages or paid packages.This way you can turn on your Website into a income supply by protecting your valuable content or only part of it. With this plugin, you can protect your pages content, products infomation, categoriesor any URL, images or  anything and set a redirect or replace content rule. I also has social login function for quick login process. It supports 7 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, VKontakte, and Tumblr.

Content Protector


Content Protector is a plugin to protect content on a page or post, where users require a password to access that content. The Content Protector plugin allows users to password-protect a portion of a Page or Post. The concept is simple: a shortcode is wrapped around the content you want to protect, so when an user want to interact with it they have to log in. Your users are shown an access form in which to enter a password and only if it’s correct will the protected content get displayed.

Users Ultra Membership Plugin


Users Ultra is the plugin that helps you create advanced user communities and networks easily in a few minutes. It includes social login and paid membership features. Whether you are building a talents community, model agency websites, social communities and any other businesses, setting up user websites is never faster. The plugin can be integrated in any WordPress Theme. All the modules are customizable, even if you don’t know how to code, and they’re minimalist enough that a few minor changes make them look unique to you. You can add as many fields as you wish by using the fields customizer Tool. The plugin also comes with reCaptcha.



WP-CopyProtect really does what it says – protect your blog content from getting copied. It simply disable selection of text so random people cannot copy your content easily. It also disable right click on your blog with popup message, or without popup message, your choice. To add in, this has no side-effect on SEO so that search engines can read your content without any problem.

Paid Member Subscriptions


Paid Member Subscriptions offers a complete membership solution, allowing you to accept member payments, manage members, create subscription plans and restrict access to premium content.You just simply create a new page and give it an intuitive name and add the shortcode provided. Publish the page and you are good to go. Moreover, you can keep track of all member payments, payment statuses and purchased subscription plans. You can create an unlimited number of hierarchical subscription plans for different level of subscriber, even free user. Existing members can upgrade their subscription plan from their account page.

WP Private Content Plus


WP Private Content Plus allows you to restrict content of posts/pages/custom post types based on various filters as listed in features section. Also you can create a private page for every user of your site and let the administrator add user specific content to the private page. Private page is created for every user and they will be able to view the added content after login. This feature allows you to restrict entire posts/pages/custom post types and redirect users to a specified URL in case user doesn’t have necessary permission. WP Private Content Plus provides the ability to display different menu items to different users based on their login status as well as user roles. You can also add search restrictions on content types as well as user types, which means you can block certain pages/posts from appearing in search results. Restricted searchable contents are implemented based on user type such as guest, everyone and members.

Smart Content Protector


Smart Content Protector serves as the content protector for your WordPress site. It works automatically once the Plugin is activated. Text protection features in this plugin to disable the possible shortcut keys for copying the Text. On the other hand, the image protection options prevents the image dragging and disable the original image to view. It also contains the option stop the link which shows the image link. Other advanced image protection are responsive lightbox and image watermark.

WP Content Copy Protection


WP Content Copy Protection is a simple and effective plugin that uses an array of aggressive techniques in protecting your online content from being stolen. It prevents some of the most common content copy methods such as right-click, image drag/drop/save, text selection/drag/drop, source code viewing, and keyboard copy shortcut keys.

Memberful WP


Memberful is a service for selling subscriptions to your website with Stripe and utomatic syncing of your Memberful membership data to WordPress. Members are automatically signed into WordPress when they sign in to Memberful. It creates a paywall and restrict access to content based on membership level in order to protect any posts or pages right from your WordPress edit screen. Members sign in and manage their account through a widget with links.


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