Top 10 Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress of 2016

You are looking for a way to draw a map for your online shoppers to show your exact location on the face of this earth to show visitors where you’re located. Or it could be that you are running a serious bucket travel blog so you want a fully functional Google Maps plugin with all the bells and whistles to inform your readers of your exact location. Owning a physical address, displaying your location on your website and providing the exact directions for customers to find your place of business are all necessary to attract customers. That’s when you find yourself needed of Google Maps.

Plugins will help to add Google Maps to your website. Many WordPress users will feel more comfortable using a dedicated map plugin. After all, a dedicated Google Map plugin offers more features, customization, and settings.

The first thing you need to do to own a Google map on your website is to submit your location details to Google. This will also give your website a wider reach and your listings will show up on a Google search. You can add a simple map or you can add a map with fancy features with the help of plugins, which means you can embed and customize Google Maps and insert it into your pages and posts, and you can use it as a widget too. Responsive map plugins will add a extra feature set to scale across multiple platforms whenever needed. Some plugins even allow you to add local images or landmarks will help your visitors to find you more quickly. Finally, make the Google map plugin blend perfectly with your website theme and also structure with correct width and height by inputting them in the plugin options.

There are a number of Google Map plugins that you can use, and most of them are fairly competent. You can pick your plugin from the 10 best plugins listed here to simplify your location marking in WordPress.

WP Google Maps


With WP Google Maps you can add a customized Google map to your WordPress posts and, or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. While the free version of WP Google Maps allows you to create a Google map with as many markers as you like, the Premiun version allows you to do so much more at a economic price. The WP Google Maps Pro Version version allows you create custom Google maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions.

Maps Builder – Google Maps Plugin


Maps Builder is more than just a Google Maps plugin. With this plugin, you can visually build powerful customized Google Maps to use on your WordPress site quickly and easily without ever having to touch a bit of code. The Map Builder let’s you edit full screen in a customizer-like environment so you can see your map come to life right before your eyes. Also, with the Google Places API integration, the plugin can display nearby business locations and points of interest complete with ratings, custom marker icon. Moreover, you can create truly unique and intuitive Google Map that look great with any design powered by Snazzy Maps and Unique Marker Icons.

Google Maps Widget


Google Maps Widget allows you to displays a single image, super-fast loading Google map in a widget. You will have a larger map with all interactive features is available on click in a lightbox. Maps can be used anywhere on the site, for example in content, sidebars, footer, and so on.

Google Maps Bank


Google Maps Bank provides directions, locations, markers, interactive maps, and satellite or aerial imagery of anything. The plugin helps you add a customized Map to your WordPress posts or pages quickly and easily with the provided shortcode. The plugin also comes in two version to best suit your purposes. First, Google Maps Bank Lite Edition allows you to create upto 2 Google Maps with up to 5 markers, 1 polyline and 1 polygon. Secondly, Google Maps Bank Lite Edition using Google Maps API v3. Creating a Google Maps Bank has been divided into 7 Steps making it very simple and understandable for a WordPress admin to quickly get done what is needed as per requirements. Google Maps Bank regularly updates the features and simplicity of usage along with efficient functionality makes it a perfect choice for your wordpress site to have stunning look. Google Maps Bank can be also upgraded to Premium Editions as and when required without loosing an existing data.

Google Maps All In One


Google Maps All In one’s APIs make for the easiest, most streamlined experience available. This plugin does all the work for you, which means no creating an account, no copying of links from Google’s site, no need to go to Google maps at all. It’s ready to be used in any environment – WordPress, BuddyPress, and Multisite.

Google Maps


Google Map plugin is an improved plugin developed by Huge-IT to help provide to your visitors with the information about the exact location of your place. To make sure that people can find your place with the help of map , you should add the appropriate information to the markers. Create markers on the maps with beautiful styles. Except given styles of the google maps you can upload your preferable image into the map and set it instead of marker. This is also a way to get free traffic and increases the number of transitions to your page from the usual search on Google. here have been added useful special features on the Google Maps plugin.

WP Google Map


Google Map plugin is a user friendly and easy to use plugin will help to embed Google Custom Map in posts, pages as shortcode and sidebar as widget. It is fully customizable and can be use as shortcode. It is usable using widget and has all possible options to customize. It can be used as widget or shortcode in post and single page or sidebar, footer, etc.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks


BGMP creates a custom post type for placemarks on a Google Map. Placemarks can be assigned to categories, and you can control which categories are displayed on a individual map. The map is embedded into pages or posts using a shortcode, and there are settings to affect how it’s displayed. You can create markers that will show up on the map, and set their icons using the featured image meta box. Marker clustering is also used to load large numbers of placemarks. When a marker is clicked on, a box will appear and show the marker’s title and description. Each map marker can have a unique custom Installation icon, share a common custom icon, or use the default icon. Extra shortcode to output a text-based list of markers for mobile devices, search engines, etc.

Google Maps Easy


Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin helps you create Google Maps in a minute with with  while enables you to add any data on the map: text, images, videos. Add google map with shortcode, open it in popup or use google map widget. The Google map allows you not only to mark the place of your business location, but also to show people its coloured pictures. You can attach photos and videos to the google map marker description and make your potential visitors to feel the atmosphere inside your restaurant, shop or other place of interest.

Google Maps GPX Viewer


This plugin places your GPS tracks, trails or points of interests by gps files like kml or gpx to show an elevation profile and download button. Insert Panoramio pictures selected by tags or user ID. Add address or lat-lon markers with your own image or icon. In edit mode use the Insert Map Button to place your map or use shortcodes. Specially adapted for geoportal owner and blogger like cycling, biking, walking, sailing, flying, offroad but usable for travelling, tourist office, car rental and real estate too.

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