Top 15 Best Premium And Responsive Tumblr Themes 2019

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Tumblr has been one of the most popular and recognizable social media networks that allow users to share images, short form content and media type content freely. Hundreds of millions of blogs and hundreds of millions active users are daily using Tumblr to share their images, their stories, their thoughts by visual content, blogs, quotes, video. While Facebook concentrates on high interaction among users and Instagram concentrates on high standard and beautiful images, Tumblr focus on users’ personalities and security measures so users can feel free to express themselves and communicate to other users in a certain level without worrying their personal information will be revealed and taken advantage of. Meanwhile, other bloggers can follow each other and build communities upon the foundation of niche related content.

Tumblr is not only an amazing social network for everyone but also its platforms are wonderful and creative. This social network is actually a home of extremely creative individuals who like to share their content in a unique and personal way and never fear of being judged.  Tumblr has all kinds of content you are searching for: creative thoughts and ideas, thoughtful and touching stories and quotes, beautiful and professional images, funny and supportive gifs, and many more outstanding content. Most of all, you can share your thoughts or your images in the way you want to relax after stressful hours or express your one of a kind personality.

If you want to start your own community, just take a few minutes to look at the list below which includes best free Tumblr themes. These themes can turn your wish into reality and show the world who you really are and how appealing you are. You can edit raw HTML to adjust your custom themes, or you can pick any of the following free Tumblr themes to create the appearance of your Tumblr blog to display your personality and achieve your Tumblr content goal.



Bloq is a premium and stylish, colorful and beautiful, aesthetically conscious and fashion – minded, visually stunning and impressive, graphically pliable and flexible, deeply resourceful and thought out, trendy and appealing, attractive and super responsive Tumblr theme designed especially for designers and creative. Bloq showcases your work with 2 different layout modes Masonry and Rows. It includes a touch optimized image slider ‘’Homepage hero’’ and ‘’Call to Action’’ sections, dark and light preset skins to get you started, display a welcome message for your visitors and grab your users’ attention. Bloq is gorgeous and expansive theme that is built with Ajaxified portfolio filter and Ajaxified permalinks which helps you loading your project’s description without leaving the homepage. Bloq is full packed with social icons such as Behance, deviantArt, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and much more. This theme supports all Tumblr post types text, photo, photoset, quotes, link, chat, audio, and video. Bloq uses a combination of HTML5 canvas drawings and web font icons make it look great on any device and specially on high density displays.



Moveone is a Business Responsive Tumblr Theme. This theme is a combination of the previous tumblr theme we’ve ever made. We make it easy for you to customize this theme with a complete guide that we include. This theme is suitable for you who have a business startup, services, or just a small business. This theme has a smart theme options to allow you to manage content. The most prominent features in this theme are: banner slider, slider key features, featured projects, meet the team, testimonials, services, extra widgets and about Section. We hope with this theme, you can feel the sensation of having a business website as well as other platforms.



Oblivion is a clean and crisp, youthful and fresh-faced, simple and cool, wonderfully responsive Tumblr theme. Oblivion has been developed by a dedicated team of coders and designers looking to produce a minimalist, charming and engaging visual experience for end-users combined with an intuitive platform for webmasters to chronicle the goings-on of their lives to a worldwide massive online audience, or for professional webmasters looking to spread your professional article. It comes with tons of theme options for you to freely create your unique and powerful website such as pre – loader and fancy loading animations, 5 cusotm links in the menu, 10 categories, 3 text widgets, 8 social profiles, Google Analytics, SoundCloud player, Flickr feed widget, rating widget, and many more amazing options. No matter what kind of content you put in there. No matter what kind of articles you write, no matter what media you’re sharing, these will all look great in your theme.



Building for the modernist, designed for the minimalist Admiral offers the header and sidebar layout that can be changed at a switch. It’s wide array of customize options offers a stunning cover photo, adjustable post width and margin, Grid layout Google fonts integration, and photoset lightblox. Admiral has a sleek and elegant design, it’s the ideal grid theme for the modern day minimalists and its amazing set of customize options will demand all your requests. It is fully responsive and displays equally stunning on all devices whether it is a desktop, tablet or smart phones.



Prospekt is the minimal Tumblr theme for creatives of all sorts. This them offers complete freedom to adjust post sizes and gutter space, paralleled with four unique post loading effects. To keep the layout as clean as possible, everything besides the content are tucked into the unique slide-out sidebar; the slide-out sidebar can be freely adjusted to any of the four corners. Prospekt is constructed with a minimalistic appeal by removing all the unnecessary clutter and the theme will auto-adjust the number of columns to fill your visitors screen.



Third is a sharp and competent, powerful and creative, visually enticing and highly appealing, extremely responsive Tumblr theme. Lemon has been constructed with the sole purpose of allowing commercially-minded business owners and webmasters to effortlessly design and put together sophisticated, beautiful websites with a powerful commercial backbone underpinning them, yet still completely capable of looking modern, gracious and elegant at every turn.

This theme comes with 3 columns Tumblr theme designed with content in mind with beautiful outside and powerful inside and beautiful typography. It is easy and fun to customize, retina – ready and responsive and high performance. It is packed full with Tumblr options.



Supple is a very versatile portfolio theme for Tumblr, aimed mainly at creatives: designer, illustrators, photographers, and any kind of visual artists. Supple flexible portfolio grid lets you set the number of columns to display for different screen resolutions and devices. Additionally, you can set the grid gutter and the thumbnails proportions: landscape, portrait, square, and anything in between. Supple uses a combination of raster and webfont icons and serves high resolution images to high pixel density displays.



Objective is a clean and beautiful premium WordPress theme designed and developed for personal and professional microbloggers similar to Tumblr. Objective is a highly customizable and versatile theme. The theme supports seven custom post formats, offers four color variations that can be further tweaked via theme options, boasts three options for gallery posts, provides an easy to use admin dashboard. This is the right theme to create user-friendly, stylish and beautiful tumblr style blog based on WordPress.



For most creative professionals, they use website to showcase their artwork and attract potential clients/ employers. Quantist allows creative professionals to display their masterpiece in a sophisticated way. This premium Tumblr theme comes with a squeaky clean layout design that put greater emphasis on your work. It was created with passion using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. It is fully responsive to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usable with any device as well as PCs.



Meeting Quadro, a sleek blog theme for Tumblr with an emphasis on sharing. Quadro has a flexible masonry layout with blocks of different sizes. Simply use tags to “embiggen” posts to draw attention to them. The sharing widget makes your posts even more discoverable thanks to its beautiful design, and the full-featured sidebar can be hidden off-canvas, or “pinned” on desktop screens.  Quadro uses CSS3 properties—gradients, drop shadows, transparency—and SVG (scalable vector graphics) for all of the icons and user interface. This ensures that your website will look great on any device, no matter its screen resolution or pixel density. You can use a text logo or an image one, with an option to upload a retina logo image as well. The homepage grid is made-up of columns that are about 300 pixels wide. Each block can span a single column, or you can use the special tags medium and large so they span two or three columns instead. You can also limit the grid width to four, three or two columns. Also the off-canvas sidebar can be optionally “pinned” on large screens, which means it will be always visible on the left above a certain screen width. The included widgets are: Navigation and search, Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, Instagram and the Social widget. Take a look at the demos—blogging has just become a tad more stylish!



Bougenville is beautiful and casual blogging theme that is perfect for woman or fashion bloggers. It is packed with over 80 customize options, it is easy to give your blog a personal look. Highly customizable, Bougenville offers the traditional features you would expect from a blog; a comments system, analytics integration, social media icons, and general responsivity over all of the blogs pages.



Brick is a modern and flexible, powerful and sophisticated, resourceful and feature-rich, functionally diverse and very nimble and fast loading, clever and well coded, malleable and trendy, social media friendly and fresh-faced responsive Tumblr theme.



Pluto comes with a smooth and coherent grid layout that makes your blog standout from the crowd. The theme’s stylish and chic design helps your crowd capture the interest of your target site visitors/ readers. This theme is perfect for promoting or showcasing your content. Pluto is not only beautiful but it is also overloaded with the finest theme features such as sticky menu and top panel (to pull off a sound navigation system), popup quick-view for each single post, social-wall content, responsive layout and off-canvas navigation for mobile and tablets.

UMO Folio


Meet Umo, a one-page portfolio theme for Tumblr aimed at designers, photographers, illustrators, and all kinds of visual artists. This is a multi-section theme: besides the ubiquitous Portfolio grid, you get an About, Services, Team, Testimonials and Contact section. The Portfolio grid is quite flexible: you can define the number of columns for different screen resolutions and adjust the thumbnails’ shape and proportions. The Portfolio grid main attraction is the bespoke Ajax expander, which allows you to display each project details dynamically in a stylish way. The site footer houses your social links, Twitter and photostream feeds (Dribbble, Flickr, and Instagram).



Encore is a slim and classy Tumblr theme, built for photo bloggers and writers. This theme is responsive so check it out on your tablet and phone as well. . It is easy to use that it does not include a complicated theme options panel, instead it utilizes a built in theme customizer. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready to ensure that your theme will adopt on any screen size. Moreover, it is SEO optimized and compatible with the best SEO plugins on the market.

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