Top 15 Best Free HTML & CSS3 Bootstrap Blog Templates 2019

A blog is still a website, with its own set of elements and features that create the kind of web design that we are most satisfied with. The last decade on the web has proved that blogging is a sustainable method of expressing oneself, as well as consuming content in a variety of different ways. Getting started with your own blog has also become somewhat of a leisurely experience, a good domain name and a reliable hosting company is all we really need to have our own WordPress based blogging enterprise up and running, or we may resort to alternatives like Blogger, Tumblr, amongst others.

Whether a creative looking to attract new clients, or a business that realizes the quintessential importance of a blog as a medium of generating more leads, blogging has something to offer to all types of web users; even those who have never written an intentional paragraph before. Much like a portfolio website works, we can use our blogs to advertise our talents, to express our ideas, and to connect with an audience that reaches far beyond the horizon of our expectations.

The following free Bootstrap blog templates we are about to explore have all been carefully selected with the latest web design trends in mind, as well as to provide a simple templating system where you can easily make and alter any kind of elements that perhaps you feel are obsolete to your vision of a good looking blog.

Future Imperfect


Future Imperfect is built with popular HTML5 and CSS3 with smart, clean interface and beautiful, responsive and good looking appearance. It is a free blog template that can compete to new and already advanced blog template. This template provides an easy way to leave focus strictly on the content that is being published. Future Imperfect is fully responsive so it looks and works perfectly on every device as desktop, tablet, mobile with high resolution. Future Imperfect is just as its name, is a perfect choice for your blog now and in the far future.



Pinball is a professional free blog HTML template which is very flat, responsive, functional and can be used for any kind of website and easy to download and setup. It is a great example of how flexible bootstrap can be when it comes to building modern websites or blogs using the flat design principle and displaying the content in random grid style. Besides, Pinball comes with a good color scheme and good flow of element that we believe they can satisfy 100% your demands. Pinball is fully responsive and has versions for all devices so you can use it anywhere anytime with any device in your hand. These are strong points to consider if you plan to use this free web design template. Get it now!



This free blog HTML5 template is going to leave a strong impact on those bloggers and writers who are looking for new, unique and attractive way to present your ideas or your product/service. Tied strictly together, every element of this template brings about a beautiful appearance and effective experience that is easy on eyes while offering many developments in design. Feedlive includes Iphone, mobile, Android, smart phones, blog, desktop browser website design. You will have a smooth, enjoyable and qualified experience when using this template to create your own blog. It is a really good choice for any blogger and writer out there.



Animus is a perfect free blog HTML template for your blog, which other web designers might call the ‘’Pinterest effect’’ – such style choices have grown in popularity since the inception of the popular social media site for sharing images. It comes with fluid responsive layout, high resolution, compatible browsers with Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE, Opera, etc. The template has an unlimited choices of colors and background color that offering the users and readers a pleasant, easy, smooth experience which means showing your content exactly the way you want and prove your ability and your personality. Beautiful navigation bar can be used to display your logo, your social media icons as well as menu items of your choice.

Coffee Break


Such a beautiful, eye catching, attractive, responsive and flexible free blog template you can get. It may be the last template you ever need. It incorporates clean and flat design elements that will work greatly for personal blogs as well as other kinds of blogs. It is beautiful and elegant and the code base is beginner friendly, meaning that making changes to the design are going to be elementary. This template works well with all modern browsers and devices with full responsive integration. The template includes necessary factors to create a perfect blog and showcase your content perfectly.

Business Blog


Business Blog is a clean, flat and professional Multi category blogging site category template for bloggers and blogging website. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes. It comes with a free Flat Responsive web design template. You can use this template for any type of websites.

Business Blog web template is built in a Fancy style however it can be used  as per the user requirements. Business Blog designed with a clean flat grid system. It is compatible in all web browsers ,Smartphones and tablets. It is designed using HTML5 and CSS3.

Blog Master


Blog Master s is a charming single page blogging template built upon the foundation of Bootstrap. This template will compliment anyone who has a taste in simple yet elegant design, the choice of colors is strict, yet effective. A huge (full width) dynamic slider will let you promote your most important content at the very top, while the template itself supports a range of different post types for quotes, traditional content, videos, and you can even choose to work with a template that helps you to protect your posts with a password. The footer of this template offers space for promoting your social media networks with elegant icons.



Calm will satisfy all your demands to a perfect blog. Calm is a beautiful and very attractive responsive Bootstrap blog template that will “wow!” your readers by the sheer beauty that they are looking at. Plus it comes for free so you don’t have to spend a cent in it. This stylish and elegant theme will be the perfect fit for bloggers, photographers, and creative artists who enjoy using a grid-style templating system for showcasing their content. You can use this template for any type of website, but blogs will work the best as the majority of elements within the template itself have been built with blogging in mind. This web template is built in a Fancy style however it can be used as per the user requirements.



EDGE comes with clean, sharp, smart, stylish and responsive interface with flexible content. it will make your blog outstanding from the other blogs. It is free and easy to download so you can setup and enjoy it within a few minutes. EDGE is 100% responsive so it looks and works great on every device.

Personal Blog


Personal Blog is a clean, flat and professional blogging category template for bloggers and blogging website. It can be customized easily to suit your wishes. It comes with a free flat Responsive web design template. You can use this template for any type of websites.



MANBOO is another spectacular work of art, which is actually a free blog template. Posts pages feature a feature image slot, a strict area for content (play around with font and font sizes to improve the experience), as well as a comment box that’s visible right after the content ends. The only thing that’s truly missing in this template is some sort of social sharing option, since we feel it would be the perfect fit for such a solid choice of colors and fonts.



Another free blog template will blow your mind with its beauty and responsiveness. It is a nice template with black dominating background which will give a fancy look for your sites. It has a unique look and user friendly interface, which support we, Android and Iphone and other mobile devices.

Yellow Sky


Yellow Sky is just as its name, which is a very tasteful template that comes with full potential of flat web design as well as the smooth, enjoyable content. Its suites for Fashion portfolio’s and personal blogs.

Pro Blog


Pro Blog is designed especially for bloggers and professional blogging categories. It is easy to download, easy to use and you can use it to describe your best content. its code is complete and it is 100% responsive with compatible browsers.  Make your blog perfect with Pro Blog!

Blog Name


Last but not least, the beautiful, clean, flat, professional, responsive blogging category template for bloggers and blogging website. It can be customized easily to suit your demands.

Its features a stunning header design that can be used to express your true intention behind your blog and/or writing. The flowery choice of colors will be a natural attraction for anyone who stumbles upon your writing. The style of this template features an interconnected choice of elements that all compliments each other in the bigger picture of things. The super-integrated commenting widget on each posts page will ensure that anyone who reads your blog posts are going to be keen to leave a comment.

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