Top 15 Free Magazine Mockups & Templates PSD Of 2016

The Internet, and Mobile access to the web had already been long underway, and the population at large much prefer to read news online for free. That has changed drastically in the recent couple of years, even more of the population is connected now, and sources for news have increased several hundred, if not thousand old. The process of going from an idea to a print-ready magazine is daunting, and can prove to be a very tough learning process. Not only you have to deal with publishers, promoters, and by the time that is done; customers, you also have to keep a steady flow of ideas coming, and manage a team that can take care of all the aspects that go into a magazine.

A print magazine is also one of business that is very popular and requires a huge starting capital to start, which itself is actually a risk. However we got your back. In case you want to start a local community / grassroots magazine, it is completely possible, and many do so with great success — the magazine mockups today will reflect both community oriented magazines, but also magazines that are of quality that Salon, Entrepreneur, and others are bringing to the table. We will cover the best of the best, with some additional insights as to what we feel would be the ideal case for each mockup to be used in. Please join us in commenting and leaving feedback about these mockups, and whether you are finding what you are looking for, otherwise we might be able to help in finding other solutions and alternatives.

Magazine Mockup


You will want to take a look at free, beautiful and stunning Magazine PSD Mockup which has been updated recently. Refined Smart object, improved lighting and enhanced quality to ensure you get photorealistic mockups of your designs. All 5 files have been carefully updated and improved to 300dpi resolution. As always, no constraints! You can add your own background or tweak the template to suit your design.

Square Magazine Mockup


It is truly impressive and awe-inspiring when graphic designers publish their hard work for free. Square Magazine Mockup is one of those graphic designers’ achievements that is not only free but also really beautiful, clean, modern, minimal and gorgeous. This mockup makes it easier for you to work on your magazine just by pointing to the first layer in the PSD ‘’Your Design’’ to add your design, expand it and you will find the pages of the mockup, then clicking on the page you want to edit and pointing to edit content. All design aspects are well organized and allow you to quickly change the smallest parts of your magazine design without losing focus.

4K Magazine


4K Magazine is one of the most beautiful and popular free magazine template PSD. It has received thousands of likes and downloads so you won’t be let down if you choose it as your ideal mockup for your magazine. This template has 3 PSD based on Smart Objects which optimized for A4 letter format and enable you to quickly change and adapt the templates to your own needs at any time. It creates an unique looking with well-organized layers for your magazine. It comes with high quality print size so you or your visitors will be free to print it as you want. 4K Magazine is really amazing and beautiful.

Free Customizable Magazine Mockup


The variety of magazine designs will be quickly become evident, and we continue our diversiflcation with some graphic work from Free Customizable Magazine Mockup. With this amazing mockup you can see and showcase your design on a real magazine. The mockup is a high angle shot of open magazine with its one page being turned which gives a view of 3 pages. All 3 pages have smart objects so you can easily place your own designs on these pages and the background has its own smart objects which allow you to change background colors or textures. This is a beautiful mockup but free, what are you waiting for?

Open Magazine Mockup


It’s a wonderful time to be alive within the graphic designer community, people are building their portfolios by giving stuff away for free, and who knows how many of these magazine mockups have produced millions of dollars in revenue for those magazines that were looking to save big as far as design costs go. This is a high resolution mockup measuring 2400 x 1600 pixels. You can easily add your own design or photos on the open pages of the magazine. Just double-click the smart object layers in yellow and red and place your designs and save.

Photorealistic Magazine Mockup


To display your work on the pages of the magazine you need to place it in the smart objects and you will have a flawless result in no time. This gravity defying magazine mockup will let you showcase your spread editorial designs in a photorealistic and minimal way. The layers will allow you to edit the design thoroughly. The positioning of the layout itself within the demo is really modern, perhaps the most modern we have seen so far in the context of magazines that will also be dealing with a lot of written text, on top of using photography.

Three Page Brochure Mockup


Free magazine mockups not only save you tons of money but also are wonderful and beautiful work of talented and dedicated graphic designers which give you full of tools to create a unique, clean and outstanding magazine. Three Page Brochure Mockup is one of those mockup with 3 pages. This PSD mockup can also be used to show your magazine or book. Zip file layered PSD with smart objects, background color can be changed too.

 Magazine PSD Mockup



This free Magazine Mockup comes with 3 PSD files with smart objects, dimensions 3000×2000 px and minimum photoshop version CS4. We love the careful detail for each page, and how the elements are divided to help talk about many things at once in a single page. Editing is easy through great naming of layers.

A4 Magazine Mockup


If you are wondering which mockup to choose to present your design, make sure you have a look at professional modern A4 Magazine Mockup template. It is built with 16 different angles and arrangement settings. You will be given 6 photo effects with well-organized and well-named layers to create an outstanding and unique for your magazine or booklet. The backgrounds are easy to change and the resolution is high to make your work look best. Besides, this mockup has shadows and highlights intensity for you to increase or decrease them the way you like. It is also easy customizable via Smart Objects.

Mockup Design for Fabulous Magazine


Mockup is an exquisite way to present your design to the clients or to prepare your work portfolio for showcasing your work. If you take some time to present your work in a unique and captivating manner then it can really add to its value and can also aid in displaying how the design will show up in its actual intended use. However if you don’t have enough time to do this,  provides you free Mockup Design for Fabulous Magazine to present your design and make the desired impression. This mockup comes with 4 different magazine perspectives featured with Smart Object. The resolution is high which gives you clear, clean, sharp and bright colors to your design. Moreover, it will not only give you the cover view of the magazine but will also give you an inner view of the pages, how they will actually look after printing. By using this mockup, your design will be shown in a totally different and outstanding way.

Mockup Magazine



A little magazine mock up to help to showcase your print design. The size is 6.5×10 in (16.5×25.4 cm). You can choose between 2 type of varnishe: glossy or matte. The shadow is transparent, so it is going to be practical to show it on your website.

Magazine PSD Mockup


These mockups are created in Photoshop and are fully editable. Care has been taken to make the magazine / book look photorealistic.

The PSD file contains 2 mockups of ariel-view magazine front cover and open-page magazine. Not only for magazines, you can also use this to showcase any book in general and impress your client as to how the magazine artwork looks in a realistic manner . To add your book cover and pages, double-click the smart object layers (RED layers) and drag-and-drop your designs and save. The images used in the preview are from and are not included in the original mockup file.

Magazine Cover Mockup


Once again, we continue to steer in the area of magazine cover mockups. The fact of the matter is, many of the designs so far have been about the inside of the magazine, whereas we also need to find a good outside to help us present our magazine covers in fashionable manner. As you might know already, magazine covers are meant to capture the attention of the potential reader, with interactive headlines, photo backgrounds, and storylines that will ensure that people actually know what they are buying, or whether they wish to buy it in the first place. Help yourself by using this multi-purpose cover mockup that’s offered kindly by the generous guys at ReviewsApex.

Double Spread Mockup


The mock-up is powered by Smart Objects. All you need to do is simply double-click on the smart object layers and copy in your designs, hit that save button and return to the original document. After your images are added to the mockup, noise is automatically applied to your designs to add authenticity they are also slightly sharpened to improve any blurriness that occurs when reshaping. The files dimensions are 3198x2230px. This mockup is one of the most beautiful free magazine templates.

Magazine Mockup by GraphicBurger


Photorealistic Magazine MockUp from GraphicBurger is the one template that has actually been downloaded over 390,000+ times in the last three years alone. It is truly impressive to a magazine, isn’t it? We must imagine quite a few, out of which many are personal community-built magazines, so you won’t necessarily see them on the magazine shelves, but you might see some similarities between design choices, as we really can’t emphasize enough how greatly structured this mockup is, and perhaps that is the main reason so many are attracted to it.




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