Top 15 Free Restaurant HTML5 Website Templates 2019

Restaurants have been considered as one of the most popular and fast-growing fields in business. The more population grows the more restaurants are built and the more services have been created. People nowadays no longer run into stores to see the products they want to buy or the food they want to eat. Now they use the Internet and click to particular websites to have a look at the food and easily order what they want to eat or make up their mind before going out. This feature is one of the most important factors that make restaurants’ brands connect to more customers and bring out their best services to whole world in this digital world. It is not only the food that makes your restaurants success but also comfortableness and fastness impress strongly to your customers. Being successful means you have good products, good service and you can catch up to new changes and technologies.

Restaurants owners understand this simple truth and they constantly try to make their cuisine more enticing. They also no longer have to pay for a spotlight in newspaper or public spaces thanks to the existence of Internet. The Internet is a medium where freedom of expression reigns supreme and there is no limit to what you can display. There are hundreds of HTML templates available which help you create a professional and stunning restaurant website with just a little of effort. You don’t have to be a master computer or pay money to hire professional designers for your website since you can totally do it on your own without wasting your time and your money. These templates are cheap, responsive, reliable, stunning and they are like clay. Molding them is not only easy, it is also fun. Let’s take a look at this list right below that I have made it for you guys.

Honest Food


Honest Food Flat Responsive Bootstrap Web Template is beautifully designed with amazing Styles and surely best of its kind for a Food category business Website. Like the customers expect ambiance in Restaurant Honest Food is fully loaded with it. The navigation is Jaw-dropping with sheer brilliance in sculpting this Mouth-Watering responsive Food category web template. This will be best choice for your Hotel/Restaurant/Food category business needs. Download Honest Food, modify to your taste and share the joy!!!

Honest Food template is built in a Fancy style however it can be used as per the user requirements. This responsive web template is designed with a clean flat grid system. Honesty Food is designed using HTML5 and CSS3, It is compatible in all web browsers, smartphones and tablets. Let’s download, share and have fun.



Urbangrill is a stunning, modern, impressive, responsive and free restaurant HTML template. Its unique design brings you good-looking appearance and make you impress at the first place. Urbangrill arranges your food and menu beautifully and comfortably thanks to Revolution Slider and unlimited layouts. This template has 8 variants color options so you can express your ideas and your personality, not just your service to stand out from the crowd.

Hot Cuisine


If you are searching for a professional, reliable and beautiful restaurant HTML template, look no futher than Hot Cuisine. It has many useful features and you can use it for almost any site and market niche. However the template is tailored towards hotel and restaurant websites. No matter if you are a master computer or a beginner lacking of coding knowledge, you will be able to create an outstanding page that always surprises and attracts customers.

This template is designed with CSS3, HTML5 and powerful bootstrap framework for deliciously cooking a category responsive website template. In addition, the template is 100% responsive to all devices and compatible to all browsers you use with high resolution: Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE10, Opera. The template allows patrons to reserve their tablets, without any hassle or delay. Hot Cuisine has full screen background, and you can even implement video background with various kinds. It is possible to create a weekly newsletter, informing clients regarding upcoming offers or discounts. For those who want to sample Hot Cuisine and its amazing features, a live preview is added.

Restaurant Site


The Restaurant Site is a high-quality HTML template that understands the needs of restaurant owners. You can use it to improve your pizza, bar, café, bistro, or ice cream store website. Regardless of your market niche, The Restaurant Site has your back. For novice clients, web development seems like a very intimidating task. However, this template was greatly simplified, and the layout is user-friendly. You will be able to update, customize and navigate your site with ease.

Should you encounter any issues, it is possible to access the well-written documentation source. It explains every feature in detail, offering to guide you through the site creation process. It used to be the case that only desktop PCs and laptops could access the web. Due to the proliferation of mobile technology, the situation has changed. Still, layouts may have trouble adapting and scaling down to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. Thankfully, The Restaurant Site is completely responsive and it has eliminated all compatibility errors. It should also be mentioned that your page will work with any mainstream browser. The page elements can even be viewed on high-resolution Retina displays. For more information regarding The Restaurant Site, be sure to access its live preview.



Pizza is a flat, responsive, tasty, free HTML template that is perfectly suited for any kind of website, fast food centers, pizza restaurants, pizza corners, food corners, food points, etc. This website is built in a fancy flat style whatever the users requirements.  It is designed with a good color scheme and good grid style of elements and with HTML5 and CSS3. You may easily modify the general color scheme, experiment with various, or insert images and content. From start to finish, an incredible page can be designed in a few minutes.

The design team has created a positive reputation by providing consistent quality and excellent support. Whenever you need, whatever your questions the support is 24/7 ready to figure it out for you. Thanks to its dedicate support and its impressive pedigree you won’t have to spend hours at a desk, building and updating your website. Moreover, Pizza is compatible with all hand-devices such as tablets, smartphones and all browsers. You will be able to update content while on the move, making it easier to maintain an excellent site. Try Pizza for free today!



Cook is an HTML template that will never let you down. It can facilitate the construction of incredible restaurant pages, given its sizable roster of modern features. This product incorporates an innovative mobile swipe menu, specifically designed for hand-held devices. The entire layout is responsive and it offers cross-browser support. Resizing issues will never bother any user. Every single page can be displayed in either a wide format, or a boxed format.  Fully-functional newsletter and contact forms were incorporated. You will be able to send out informative newsletters on a regular basis, teasing you fine dishes or upcoming events.



If your goal is to create an incredible restaurant, café, or bar website, Gourmet is an ideal choice for you. This HTML5 template impresses you by the beautiful, colorful, elegant and stunning appearance and well-designed and careful structure. No advanced knowledge is required, given Gourmet is easy to install and personalize. Almost any site element can be changed as you wishes: body background, color, button styles, menu font size, menu color, form element, slider variables. With a standard license, all users will benefit from guaranteed quality checks from Envato, and a series of future updates. For more information regarding this template and its features, be sure to access the live preview. It is free of charge.



Yummy is so much more than a generic HTML template for restaurants. A lot of time and effort went into its development. Yummy has implemented many useful options, designed to increase your chances of success. For every site, it is possible to modify the page sections, home screens, and navigation bars.

Yummy designed with a good color scheme and good grid style of elements. This responsive web template is designed using HTML5 and CSS3. Yummy is compatible in all Web browsers, Smartphones and Tablets. These are some strong points to consider if you plan to use this free web design template.  Yummy is fully-responsive, and it has eliminated all compatibility issues.



Auberge is a modern, elegant, gorgeous HTML template that can enhance your restaurants, fast food centers website. It offers many amazing and customizable features and users are able to include stories regarding every menu items, explaining the history of that cuisine to their loyal customers. Elegant and flexible typography options are accessible for all users. Quality fonts and icons can greatly increase your page’s value, as it proves to clients that you care enough to go the extra mile. His web template is built in a Fancy Flat style however it can be used as per the user requirements. Be sure to access the live preview, for more info regarding this theme.



To win the hearts of the customers, set up a site with refined tasty design like BLISS. It has clean contemporary look, yummy visuals and intuitive navigation to make people interested in the place it promotes and drive them in. This theme is ideal for presenting high-class restaurants online but can be easily customized for boosting another type of place. It is simple and super responsive.



Pasta is an exquisite HTML template that can improve your website. It is very versatile, as it can adapt to almost any market niche. It takes into account the needs of all customers, resulting in an ideal browsing experience for both clients and site owners. If any issues arise, it is possible to consult the Pasta support forum. You can also leave some constructive feedback in order to drive further improvements.

Pasta is a Hotel Category that comes with a free Flat Responsive web design template. You can use this template for any type of websites, pasta fast food centers, restaurants, food corners, food points and etc. Pasta is compatible in all Web browsers, Smartphones and Tablets.

Food Stuff


Food Stuff is a versatile and responsive HTML template that can enhance every aspect of your website. You may use it for your app, blog, restaurant, wedding, Parallax, Magazine, agency, portfolio, corporate or business page. Regardless of your target audience, the site will look incredible. This template is 100% responsive so it works and looks great on all devices.

Spice Mystery


Spice Mystery is one of the best restaurant templates that you can have and it may be the last template you ever need. It is perfectly suited to almost kinds of business: fast food centers , restaurants, food corners, food points and etc. First impressions matter, especially in the culinary industry. In order to showcase your best selections and retain the attention of potential clients, you can implement some incredible slides. This is made possible by the inclusion of the premium Revolution Slider Plugin. This template is fully responsive and compatible.



Foozi is a Hotel Category that comes with a free Flat Responsive web design template. You can use this template for any type of websites, Beach side Hotels, restaurants, Beach side Resorts, food corners, food points and etc. This web template is built in a Fancy Flat style however it can be customized as per the user requirements. Foozi is a single page with cuisine gallery, about and a detailed contact page with maps.

Foozi is designed with a good color scheme and good grid style of elements. This responsive web template is designed using HTML5 and CSS3.Foozi is compatible in all Web browsers, Smartphones and Tablets. Check demo for further information.



Few HTML templates can even hope to match the quality of Favorites. It is simply incredible, as it offers to improve your web development experience. If you choose to buy this product, your will gain a very powerful online tool. For those who do not care for HTML, a Photoshop and WordPress version of Favorites is available.  Your restaurant website will benefit from multiple niche-specific features, such as the fully-functional reservation forms with JS and PHP functions. Patrons will be able to easily book their tables, without any hassle or delay. The template can be used for multi-page or one-page sites. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible.

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